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Team Leaders


Yuxuan Su

Director, Chinese harpist & Tea artist

Hua Yun Arts was founded by Yuxuan Su, a Chinese harp / Zihter (Gu Zheng) player and Chinese tea artist

Fangfei Lu

Dancer - Chinese classical dance, folk dance, modern dance


Xiaolian Zhang

Seven-Stringed Chinese Harp (Guqin) Player, Classical Vocal Singer 

Yilei Jin

Chinese violin (Er Hu) player

Qin Qin

Chinese Lute (Pipa Player)

Jixuan Li

Chinese Lute (Pi Pa) player, events & stage manager

Xv Chen

Pop Song Singer

Lixin Liu

Classical Vocal Singer

Shuheng Lyu

Chinese Flute (Dizi) Player, Harmonica Player

Yucheng Xie

Chinese Flute (Dizi) Player

Yuping Sun

Bilingual Event Host, Event Manager

Bayin Wu

Bilingual Event Host

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