Among the many traditional musical instruments of China, the most popular nowadays include the stringed instruments called Erhu, Pipa, Guzheng and Dizi. When tourists think of their experiences in China, the poignant sounds of these instruments often color their memories.


Dance in China is a highly varied art form, consisting of many modern and traditional dance genres. Among the 56 ethnic groups, the dances cover from folk dances to performances in opera and ballet, can use in public celebrations, rituals and ceremonies. 


Confucius is credited for setting the tone for much traditional Chinese music, the purpose and role of music are laid out and the qualities of "good music" are defined: To educate somebody, you should start with poems, emphasize ceremonies, and finish with music.  


Chinese Calligraphy is a form of calligraphy widely practiced in China and revered in the Chinese cultural sphere, which often includes Japan, Korea and Vietnam. The calligraphic tradition of East Asia originated and developed from China.

Tea Art

Chinese tea art refers to how tea is prepared in different ocvasions when people consume tea in China. Chinese tea culture differes from that in European and other Asian countries in preparation, taste amd occasion when it is consumed, both on casual and formal occasions. 

                               Welcome to HuaYun Arts

HuaYun Arts is an arts and culture company provides a variaty of art performances and services: performances, workshops, art lessons for events, shows, celebrations and weddings, as well as in the school or restaurants. Our team comprises a diversity of artists like musicians, dancers, singers and event hosts, who offer a wide range of professionally performances and workshops.


We mainly based in Liverpool, successfully performed at Echo Arena, Philharmonic Hall, Everyman & Playhouse Theatres, University of Liverpool and more in other cities. In addition, Chinese Culture Workshops were holding by us at Universities, Colleges, Museums, Galleries, Youth Palaces and Nursering Houses. We provide not only music and dance workshops, but also Calligraphy, Chinese Painting, paper folding & paper cutting workshops with both adults and children. Still, we attened different events in London, Manchester, Leeds, Blackpool and other cities in the UK... 


Moreover, there will be a new service open to public soon- Chinese Tea Art Lessons, at Sunny Art Center in Central London. Please follow our Facebook and Twitter for updated information. 

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